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The application is addressed to people who want to feel safe and not worry about the kids, partner or elderly. Installing our software allows continuous or step the location of the phone owner without leaving home. Thanks to this date we have information where the current example. Our children. Just install the application on your phone and enter the email address for sending reports. After installing the application, you will not have to worry if your child, or your parents are worried about not pick up the phone.
I register the application and send in the form of reports: - Incoming - Outgoing - Received SMS - Sent SMS - The location of the phone using GPS or GSM - Battery level - Changing the SIM card
It is possible to determine at what time the reports are to be sent, and whether we are interested in information about conversations and text messages (including those deleted from the phone).
GPS location allows very precise whereabouts of the owner of the phone together with the position on the map (if the phone together with the application "Follow")
The technology used in the application "Follow" is based on many years of experience designing service that deals with professional monitoring of mobile phones. Note: The "Follow" is not compatible with the system "Follow" is a separate application prepared for easy installation.
The application does not require any additional software and does not require monthly fees. When you purchase an application, you only pay once!
Using an application, be sure to follow the law of the country in which the application is used.